Then during the 2018 Formula 1® season, we raised the bar again, with 21% of Scuderia Ferrari 2018 Power Unit’s lap time gain delivered by Shell V-Power and Shell Helix Ultra. Little wonder, then, that our Innovation Partnership remains one of the longest running and most successful in motorsport history.

Guy Lovett, Shell Motorsport Innovation Manager, explains: “At Shell, we work tirelessly with Scuderia Ferrari designers and engineers over the winter and during each season, with 21,000 hours devoted to the Formula 1 products alone. To be able to put a figure on the year-to-year improvement of Shell’s contribution to Scuderia Ferrari is extremely rewarding and a true testament to the value of our Innovation Partnership. By comparing lap times at the end of the 2017 and 2018 seasons, we have been able quantify just how important the work that we do in collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari is to engine performance and efficiency throughout the entire season.”

“Our performance relies on all parts of the puzzle working together and, of course, the fuel and lubricants from Shell play their part. Stats like this show how their expertise contributes to give us an advantage on the track.” – Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel

Mattia Binotto, Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari said: “During a 21-race season where we can only use three engines per driver, the engines are required to perform under intense conditions. Thanks to the specialist work that takes place inside the Shell Track Lab over the race weekend, as well as at Maranello and the Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg, we are able to ensure that the performance, efficiency and reliability of our power unit is not compromised but enhanced all season long.”

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