Track for Aus GP

Despite being a street circuit, Albert Park is a high-speed track with temperatures in Melbourne capable of reaching into the early 30's (celsius) at this time of year. With the majority of pre-season testing taking place in the cooler climes of Barcelona, this will be new territory for the SF71H.

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Q: How challenging is the track on a low-med-high scale?

A: Medium-high. Given its fast nature and multiple heavy braking zones punctuated by tight, tricky sections, Albert Park is certainly a challenging track. Being the first race of the new season too, there are plenty of unknowns.

Track Lab for Aus GP

Q: What challenges do you face as a team?

A: Despite being a temporary motorsport facility, the pit & paddock buildings are permanent thus giving the circuit a unique feel. Logistically, the challenges of shipping our products to Melbourne and working from our flyaway Trackside Laboratory require vital preparations & longer lead time. We need to be extra prepared for this race!

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Fun Fact

Albert Park is a temporary circuit, used only once a year for the GP weekend. The rest of the year, the roads are utilised by public traffic with turn 4 serving as a car park!

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