Truck rear view

Innovations in transport and logistics to reduce emissions

Shell is constantly innovating to meet its customers' needs and help them achieve their goals. In 2021, Shell has introduced the use of R33 Blue Diesel in the logistic truck that delivers racing fuel and lubricants from the Technology Centre in Hamburg to European race circuits. R33 Blue Diesel is an innovative product developed by Shell with VW and Bosch, which is an EN590 compliant drop-in fuel, meaning it can easily replace conventional Diesel without any changes to the engine. R33 Blue Diesel is 33% certified renewable components that are strictly derived from recycled waste and residues, like used cooking oils.

Ferrari factory top view

Providing renewable power to factories and manufacturing plants

Shell is constantly working collaboratively with Scuderia Ferrari to develop new solutions beyond fuels and lubricants. This includes electricity and other renewable energies. Indeed, Shell supplies Ferrari’s Maranello Plant with certified renewable electricity. Shell also provides natural gas to Ferrari Plant to help power Scuderia Ferrari operations and manufacturing. The Natural gas powers the trigeneration plans that provide 81% of the electricity for the Maranello factory, equivalent to 117 GWH.

Forest top view

Helping decarbonise journeys for all motorists

Shell has a long tradition of going further for its partners and customers. Shell is working even closer with its Motorsport partners to ensure that their operations on and off the circuit contribute to the Net Zero ambition of Formula One.


In the engine

Shell is working with Scuderia Ferrari to develop future fuels and lubricants that will help improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, whilst at the same time delivering optimum performance.

At the racetrack

How Shell is delivering and implementing innovations at the racetrack that are designed to help decarbonise Formula One.

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