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2021 Shell V-Power Racing Fuel for Scuderia Ferrari

Over the past 100 years, Shell has been providing support to Scuderia Ferrari in various ways. As part of the Shell Innovation Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, Shell scientists and engineers work closely alongside the Team to develop bespoke fuels designed to maximise performance and efficiency for the best results on track.

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Since the introduction of the turbo-charged hybrid power unit in Formula One, Shell has consistently developed performance and efficiency gains from Shell V-Power and Shell Helix Ultra race formulations, contributing up to 25% of Scuderia Ferrari’s Power Unit lap-time gain.1 In 2021, Shell V-Power and Shell Helix Ultra race formulations are expected to deliver one tenth of a second per lap for Scuderia Ferrari.2

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In 2014, Formula One moved from naturally aspirated V8 engines to road relevant, turbocharged V6 hybrid power-units, considered among the most efficient combustion engines available. Shell has worked with Scuderia Ferrari to cut CO2 emissions whilst simultaneously improving performance since 2014. With the use of Shell V-Power fuel and Shell Helix oil, Shell can help produce more power from a smaller engine.

The 2014 racing regulations brought in a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption. Through its Innovation Partnership Shell helped Scuderia Ferrari’s Power unit to generate more power resulting to improved lap times with up to 40% less fuel3, ultimately cutting CO2 emissions from 2013 season levels.

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2022 Shell V-Power Racing Formulation

Shell is supportive of recent changes in motorsports designed to help the industry achieve net-zero carbon emissions across a number of racing series.

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While current regulations see cars running on fuel containing 5.75% bio-components, for 2022, the renewable bio-component content of the fuel used will almost double to 10%, with a commitment to increase that percentage in the future. This will be achieved through the use of an “E10 Fuel” – “E” for Ethanol, while “10” refers to its percentage in the mixture. This means that Shell V-Power Racing fuels will contain up to 10% of second-generation bioethanol made from nonedible biomass and agricultural waste, which reduces the fuel’s carbon footprint.

For unavoidable emissions, Shell will offset the lifecycle emissions of the Shell V-Power Racing fuel. Similarly, in the Netherlands, the UK and growingly more countries, Shell buys carbon credits sourced from nature-based projects around the world to offset these emissions.4

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High performance and energy protection for everyday motorists

While the SF21 and normal road cars couldn’t appear more different on the outside, many of the recent changes in Formula One have been specifically put in place to keep racing relevant to real life motoring. In fact, the Shell V-Power racing fuel used by Scuderia Ferrari contains 99% of the same type of compounds as Shell V-Power road fuels available to customers worldwide.

Shell also offers carbon-neutral Shell Helix Ultra lubricants, providing mechanics and consumers with the same, high performance technology but with lower emissions that has made Shell Helix Ultra renowned worldwide.

Power Unit lap time improvement calculated using a Ferrari proprietary model, Ferrari data and based on F1™ Power Unit dynamometer data.

Calculated using a Ferrari proprietary model and based on F1™ Power Unit dynamometer data.

Power and Performance figures calculated using a Ferrari proprietary model and based on F1™ Power Unit dynamometer data. Fuel consumption based on public information.

”Carbon neutral” or similar indicates that Shell has engaged in a transaction where an amount of CO2 equivalent to the CO2e amount associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution and usage of the Shell V-Power Racing Product has been avoided as emissions through the protection of natural ecosystems or removed from the atmosphere through a nature-based process.


Off the racetrack

Shell’s commitment to contributing to the decarbonisation of Formula One, in collaboration with its innovation partner Scuderia Ferrari, also includes a number of initiatives beyond the racetrack.

At the racetrack

How Shell is delivering and implementing innovations at the racetrack that are designed to help decarbonise Formula One.

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