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Shell has become a founding sponsor at the Museum of Brands. As part of this sponsorship, we now have a dedicated exhibition space, including a digital interactive experience that invites visitors to control the content, allowing them to explore the Shell brand story.

The interactive exhibit showcases a number of different themes such as ‘Motorsport’, ‘Building The Brand’ and ‘Innovating In Energy’. Through these stories, we start to illustrate the rich history of the Shell brand, how it has shaped moments of human progress throughout history, and how we strive to do so into the future.

You can also catch an exclusive glimpse of original campaigns, adverts and films which give you a sense of the Shell brand, business and how we have communicated with our customers and partners around the world over the years.

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The Museum’s ‘Time Tunnel’ shows how everyday lives have changed over the past 200 years through the evolution of brands. See if you can spot the Shell postcards, posters and artefacts, showing how we’ve connected with our customers over the years.

Having been inspired by iconic and innovative brands in the museum, visitors are then given the chance to learn some brand theory, and create their own branded product using the interactive Brand ID experience within the exhibit. Visitors can choose from a range of products, from chocolate to headphones and put essential branding principles into practice to create and personalise their very own brand which they can then take away as a digital souvenir.

Not able to make it to the museum? Explore 150 years of making history through the interactive experience below – from the comfort of your computer.

Discover Shell’s brand story

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Brand history

Over a century ago, Shell’s iconic logo started life as a mussel shell – discover how the brand has changed over the years.

Company history

Go back to 1833 to see where it all started and how Shell has evolved to become one of the world’s leading energy companies.

More aspects of our heritage

Motorsport History

Shell was there alongside the earliest motorsport pioneers, helping to fuel their dreams of turning a new mode of transport into an exciting way to compete. And Shell is still involved today, partnering with race teams at tracks around the world – from Formula 1 to MotoGP to Nascar.

Aviation History

Shell has been powering aviation from its earliest beginnings…here are just a few of the milestones the company has been a part of along the way.

Major Innovation Milestones

Shell’s history is full of examples of how we’ve powered progress through new ideas and pioneering technology. On this page, we’ve looked at some of the key areas where we’ve made breakthroughs over the years, and where we’re still pushing boundaries today.