A look at our aviation highlights

Shell is one of the few companies that has been part of the aviation story for over 100 years, innovating the fuels and lubricants that power flight.  The timeline below traces this story.



Old aircraft

When Louis Bleriot became the first aviator to cross the English Channel, he was powered by Shell fuel.


Aircraft which took the first transatlantic flight

The first trans-Atlantic flight – by Alcock and Brown – was fuelled by Shell.


First KLM airline Amstedam – Batavia was fuelled with Aeroshell.


AeroShell logo

AeroShell was launched to market our growing range of aviation products.


Sir Frank Whittle

Shell helped Sir Frank Whittle to develop the first jet engines.


Fuelling hydrant system

Shell launched the fuelling hydrant system that’s now the industry standard.


Aircraft on tarmac - First non-stop flight from London to Australia

The first non-stop flight from London to Australia was fuelled by Shell.


Shell fuel tanker by wing of Airbus A380 on tarmac

The Airbus A380 became the first commercial aircraft to fly with synthetic liquid jet fuel processed from Gas to Liquid – processed by Shell.


Man inspecting Shell vehicle

A lead-free replacement for AvGas was announced by Shell.

More about Shell’s Heritage

Brand history

Over a century ago, Shell’s iconic logo started life as a mussel shell – discover how the brand has changed over the years.

Company history

Go back to 1833 to see where it all started and how Shell has evolved to become one of the world’s leading energy companies.

More aspects of our heritage

Motorsport History

Shell was there alongside the earliest motorsport pioneers, helping to fuel their dreams of turning a new mode of transport into an exciting way to compete. And Shell is still involved today, partnering with race teams at tracks around the world – from Formula 1 to MotoGP to Nascar.