Brand history

Over a century ago, Shell’s iconic logo started life as a mussel shell – discover how the brand has changed over the years.

Company history

Go back to 1833 to see where it all started and how Shell has evolved to become one of the world’s leading energy companies.

Shell Transport and Trading Company share certificate


A new import-export organisation was set up - The Shell Transport & Trading company.

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Collection of scallop shells where Shell's famous Pecten shape came from


Shell’s first scallop shell logo – known as the Pecten – is introduced

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Aircraft which took the first transatlantic flight fuelled by Shell


Shell fuel the first trans-Atlantic flight, piloted by Alcock & Brown

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An artwork commissioned by Shell


Shell commissions artists to create stand-out marketing campaigns

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Black and white photo of SS Methane Princess in sea


The first consignment of Liquefied Natural Gas is delivered by sea

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Concrete Troll platform


Shell tows the 472m Troll platform to its site in the North Sea.

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Collection of red ferrari cars on starting grid


Ferrari wins its 10th F1 Constructor’s championship in partnership with Shell

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Girl wearing headphones


Shell creates its ‘sonic logo’ – The Sound of Shell

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more about our heritage

Immerse yourself in Shell’s story

You can find some of the most precious heritage items at our Heritage Art Collection at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. View some now at Shell Heritage Art Collection page.

Our past on film

Our series of short films looks at the history of our brand and how our company helped shape the worlds of transport, motorsport, energy and aviation. Watch now.

A past and present of innovation

From developing new fuels to finding new ways to transport them, we have a history of breaking new ground. See some of our major innovation milestones.


Preserving Shell's Heritage

Find out about the museums in the UK where you can visit to learn more about Shell’s brand heritage.

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More aspects of our heritage

Motorsport History

Shell was there alongside the earliest motorsport pioneers, helping to fuel their dreams of turning a new mode of transport into an exciting way to compete. And Shell is still involved today, partnering with race teams at tracks around the world – from Formula 1 to MotoGP to Nascar.

Aviation History

Shell has been powering aviation from its earliest beginnings…here are just a few of the milestones the company has been a part of along the way.

Did you know?

Our history is a treasure trove of fascinating facts - featuring everything from world firsts to great artists. We’ve gathered a few of our favourites here to give you a different perspective on who we are and where we’ve come from.