“This project reinforces the refining-chemicals integration – including feedstock, product and logistics – that we put in place when we completed the Shell Eastern Petrochemicals Complex project,” said Graham van’t Hoff, Executive Vice President, Shell Chemicals.

“It maximises the full potential of Shell’s petrochemical footprint in Singapore and underlines our strategy to remain a leading player in the Asian petrochemical market,” he added.

“I am proud that we have completed this flagship event ahead of schedule, within budget and without lost-time to injury, topped by a flawless start-up during Bukom’s largest-ever turnaround event,” said Huck Poh, former General Manager for Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site.

The ECC upgrade involved the installation of 100 pieces of new and modified equipment, nearly 2,000 tonnes of steel, over 200km of cables, 40km of piping, and scaffolding of more than 30 storeys in height. At peak activity, 9,000 people worked on Bukom Island (5,000 on the project) – which is the size of around 250 soccer fields. The project clocked over 7.5 million work hours without any time lost due to injury.

On the sustainability front, the project has also successfully reduced the ECC’s energy consumption by about 7% and CO2 emissions by 11%.

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The Shell Eastern Petrochemicals Complex is Shell’s largest ever petrochemical investment.

Meeting Asia's growing demand for petrochemicals

Shell’s largest integrated refinery and petrochemical complex is now fully online in Singapore.

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