Inside Ormen Lange

Ormen Lange overview

Read key facts about the Ormen Lange project and find out about its history, the technology used, and Shell’s environmental approach.

How Ormen Lange works

Discover how the pieces of this complex operation fit together to deliver vital energy resources in extreme conditions.

Ready to respond

A network of computers receives thousands of signals from beneath the Norwegian Sea, helping experts spot anything unusual and act quickly.

Standing up to the elements

Engineers found new ways to install production equipment in dark and icy waters 850 metres deep, while facing storms at the surface.

Smarter ways to manage a giant gas plant

Natural gas from Ormen Lange is processed at a plant the size of 100 soccer fields. Meet the people and the robot helping it run smoothly.

Breathing new life into local communities

Construction of a gas processing plant brought new skills, jobs and business to a part of Norway where traditional industries were in decline.

Blending in with natural beauty

Barely visible on the shoreline is a major gas plant. Its pipelines lead out to waters rich in marine life and long-hidden shipwrecks.

Nyhamna gas processing plant - video gallery

Watch how a project to upgrade a major natural gas plant in Norway developed, one piece at a time.

Unlocking new energy resources for Europe

A major natural gas plant is expanding to receive gas from a new pipeline running deep beneath the Norwegian Sea, boosting supplies of energy for millions of people.

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