Key facts

Location: OML 28 (Gbaran and Kolo Creek), OML 23 (Soku) Nigeria

Interests: NNPC 55%, Shell (operator) 30%, Total 10%, ENI 5%

Gbaran Phase 2A (Infill): Gbaran, Koroama, Epu
Gbaran Phase 2B (Kolo Creek to Soku): Kolo Creek F1 and F2 reservoirs
Soku Non-associated Gas (NAG) Compression: Soku
Bonny Non-associated Gas Minor Reservoir Development (MRD): Bonny and Bonny North

Shell took the final investment decision (FID) on the Gbaran Phase 2A and 2B projects in June 2013 and on the Bonny Non-associated Gas Minor Reservoir Development (MRD) and Soku Compression projects in 2011.

These projects will develop gas and build infrastructure to ensure continued gas supply to the Nigeria LNG plant and a power plant at Gbarain, both in the Niger Delta.

Gbaran Phase 2A

The Gbaran Phase 2A project will develop 1.3 trillion standard cubic feet of non-associated gas to sustain gas supply to the NLNG plant at Bonny via the Gbaran Ubie central processing facility (CPF) in the Niger Delta. It builds on facilities completed under the Gbaran Ubie Phase 1 project in June 2010.

The new development will add production from nine new non-associated gas wells, one appraisal well and one recompletion well in three fields. Two of the fields, Gbaran and Koroama, currently have producing assets. The third field, Epu, will be appraised and developed.

The surface facilities include 40 kilometres of pipelines, remote non-associated gas manifolds and other facilities to connect the pipelines to the CPF in Gbaran.

The contract packages for the Gbaran 2A project were signed in April 2014. Follow-on engineering work is largely completed. Purchase orders for all main equipment packages have been placed and construction work is in progress.

Gbaran Phase 2B

The Gbaran Phase 2B project will utilise unused capacity at Soku gas plant and develop 1.5 trillion standard cubic feet of non-associated gas for the NLNG plant.

The new development will drill one appraisal well and add production from seven new non-associated gas wells in the Kolo Creek field, which will be piped to the Soku gas plant through a 40km pipeline.

Detailed engineering design for the project has been completed, linepipes have been purchased and procurement of all other equipment is in progress. The 40km pipeline from Kolo Creek to Soku is currently being laid. Earth works have been completed at Kolo Creek and civil works are in progress at the Soku gas plant.

Soku Compression Project

The Soku Compression Project will take up unused capacity at the Soku gas plant to produce an additional 1 trillion standard cubic feet of non-associated gas from reservoirs with declining pressures.

All major equipment has been delivered to site and tie-ins successfully completed.

Bonny Minor Reservoir Development

The Bonny Minor Reservoir Development project will use available capacity at the Bonny gas plant to develop 162 billion standard cubic feet of non-associated gas from four wells in six minor gas reservoirs in the Bonny and Bonny North fields. The project will supply 50-100 million standard cubic feet a day of non-associated gas for 2-4 years.

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