Key facts

Location: Gulf of Mexico, USA

Depth: 914 metres (3,000 feet)

Interests: Shell (71.5%, operator) and BP (28.5%)

Field: Mars

Design capacity: 100,000 barrels per day (bbl/d)

Shell’s Mars B development is the first deep-water project in the US Gulf of Mexico to expand an existing offshore oil and gas field by adding new infrastructure.

Using advanced seismic imaging, Shell geologists identified significant, untapped reservoirs in the region. The discovery led to the installation of the Olympus production hub which achieved first oil in February 2014. Olympus, Shell’s seventh floating deep-water platform in the Gulf of Mexico,  is located in about 914 metres (3,000 feet) of water. It is specially designed to safely withstand hurricane force conditions.

In addition to the Olympus drilling and production platform, the Shell Mars B development also includes subsea wells at the West Boreas and South Deimos fields in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as export pipelines and a shallow-water platform located near the Louisiana coast.

Society and environment

For decades, the US Gulf of Mexico has been a heartland of energy production. Thousands of Shell employees and contractors work each day to safely find, develop and produce the Gulf of Mexico’s vast oil and gas resources to help power our lives. Safety is crucial to this work. Across all of Shell’s operations, we strive to achieve what we call Goal Zero – no harm to people or the environment.

Shell has been a part of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for more than 100 years. We are committed to helping shape a positive future for the region through our business activities, social investment programs and employee volunteer work. We partner with many non-profit organisations to support conservation, education in science, engineering, technology and maths (STEM) and economic development projects across the Gulf Coast. Our employees also spend thousands of hours volunteering each year to help rebuild damaged homes, protect and restore Louisiana’s coast, and inspire the state’s next generation of scientists, engineers and leaders.

Deep-water milestones

More in about us


We have taken the final investment decision to move ahead with the Appomattox deep-water project in the Gulf of Mexico, the latest of our deep-water developments.


Stones, in the US Gulf of Mexico, is the world’s deepest oil and gas project, operating in around 2,900 metres of water.

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