The Future of Mobility: Visions of Transport in 2040

Can all transport be electrified? How will automated vehicles change the way we travel? Are we about to stop buying cars in favour of ride sharing and taxi-hailing services? 

Nearly a year ago, the UK Government signalled a commitment to stopping sales of solely petrol and diesel-consuming vehicles by 2040 and so these are just some of the questions to be addressed at Powering Progress Together (PPT) London, one of a global series of engagements organised by Shell to encourage conversations about future energy challenges.

More than 150 invited guests from business, government, academia and non-governmental organisations will gather in London in July 2018 to participate in this discussion.

The opening session of the event will focus specifically on London and will ask how one of the transport infrastructure of one largest cities in the world will transform in the future. Speakers will debate the UK capital’s ambitions for green spaces, the impact of electric and autonomous vehicles on building design and urban land use.  Panelists in this session will include Michael Hurwitz, Director of Transport Innovation at Transport for London; Edmund King, President of The Automobile Association, Belinda Littleton, Strategy Manager at National Grid and Stan Borland, CEO Five AI.

Electric vehicles are seen by many to be the future of personal transport. Guests Dustin Benton, Policy Director, Green Alliance and Gareth Dunsmore EV Director, Nissan Europe will discuss some of the potential challenges and shifts in energy production, distribution and storage required, with perspectives from Shell’s UK Energy Transitions Programme Manager, Jo Coleman.

Trucks currently comprise 20 percent of global oil demand – that's about 17 million barrels a day. If no action is taken the International Energy Agency expects this figure is expected to increase by almost 30% to 22 million barrels per day by 2050. Meanwhile, new technologies, globalisation and consumer demands are changing the transport and logistics sector. Are transport and logistics businesses ready for the challenges ahead? How will this shape supply chains and delivery models? Addressing that question will be Venn Chesterton, Innovation Lead at Innovate UK; Graham Bennett, Head of Fleet at the Royal Mail and Catherine Weetman, Vice Chairperson of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s Environment and Sustainability Forum.

Changes to our transport system are likely to also reshape our cities, our public transport and will require us to adjust our attitudes towards car ownership. The PPT session entitled "Rethinking our relationship with cars" will focus on behavioural and lifestyle shifts with perspectives from Rohit Talwar, CEO Fast Futures Research and Antony Douglas, Strategy, BMW iMobility Services.

The day will end with Shell’s Downstream Director - John Abbott in conversation with Julia King, Baroness Brown of Cambridge and Andrew Higham, CEO, Mission 2020.

Powering Progress Together is part of Make the Future Live, a festival of bright ideas for a lower-carbon energy future. The four-day event, which takes place from July 5 to 8 at London’s Olympic Park, will feature ideas and innovation that addresses the global energy challenge.

The 2017 PPT event addressed the question "How will new technologies accelerate the pace of the energy transition?". See highlights in the video and images below:

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