The Shell Powering Progress Together event was held in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, non-partisan organisation, focused on transformations in global energy use. The event featured an array of perspectives both from within and beyond the Great Lakes region to explore how the world’s energy system might evolve to meet future demand, while enabling a better quality of life and a healthy planet.

Meeting these goals will require drawing on our collective innovative spirit and talent to unlock economic opportunities that will help to create sustainable jobs, ultimately strengthening communities and expanding opportunities for future generations.

In addition to keynote remarks from Shell’s Cho Khong and RMI’s Amory Lovins, this year’s programme included a series of breakthrough workshops where participants had an opportunity to discuss and explore solutions in the following areas: pathways to achieve corporate sustainable energy goals; the future of urban mobility and freight transportation; policies to unlock behind-the-meter solutions; and enabling energy transitions in low-income communities.

This event was held alongside Make the Future Detroit, the inspirational competition that challenges more than 1,000 university and high school students from across the Americas to design, build and test extreme efficiency vehicles that go ever farther on less energy.

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