Safe, caring and inclusive environment for all

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Ambition: To provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment for LGBT+ staff so that everyone can be themselves and reach their full potential.


  • 92.4% score in the Workplace Pride Global 2021 Benchmark: Shell was rated as a top employer in the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark 2021 survey, with a score of 92.4%. This puts Shell in the highest award category, which recognises companies who are ‘breaking new ground for LGBTI+ inclusion’.
  • 100% score from the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality 2021 Index: in the USA we earned a score of 100/100 points in the 2021 Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index. We have earned this 100/100 award every year since 2016.
  • Inclusion training: We offer voluntary awareness training on sexual orientation, and human resources employees and diversity and inclusion champions receive coaching on how to deliver this training in our different locations.
  • Building allies: We also offer ally programmes that serve to make senior leaders and employees across Shell more aware of the challenges that LGBT+ people face.
  • Travel Advice: We have prepared travel advice for LGBT+ travellers.

Advancing LGBT+ inclusion

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Ambition: Starting in 2021, countries with an established LGBT+ network started to develop their own local plans in line with our global priorities for LGBT+ inclusion. These will focus on raising awareness and creating a culture of care and inclusion, providing support for LGBT+ staff, and contributing to the communities where we operate.


  • Global LGBT+ Inclusion Guidelines: In 2022, we rolled out Global LGBT+ Inclusion Guidelines to support our ambition. They were developed by our Global LGBT+ Forum, with input from numerous internal stakeholders and external experts, and are based on best practices, external research and guidance. The guidelines provide a multi-year plan framework and are designed recognising that one size does not fit all countries. They define, and provide actions, for the five key building blocks that we believe need to be addressed to truly create a safe and inclusive work environment for LGBT+ staff, within Shell and in society. Countries use these to develop their own local plans.
  • Celebrating our colleagues and promoting inclusion: We are proud to celebrate our LGBT+ colleagues, and our DE&I film series “Unique People. Powerful Together” featured our colleague, Samantha, who shared her inspiring story as a trans woman. India is one of our countries where we have started introducing inclusive bathrooms at our retail service station sites. Australia launched its Gender Affirmation policy which included 6 weeks of paid leave and access to a further 12 months unpaid leave for employees wishing to affirm their gender.

For more information, you can review our full DE&I data table here.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Shell, we are working to become one of the most diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations' in the world, a place where everyone feels valued and respected and has a strong sense of belonging.

Disability Inclusion and enABLEment

Shell is a place where people with disabilities can excel.

Race & Ethnicity

We are working to address racial inequity and create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued.


We are working to advance LGBT+ inclusion within Shell and the communities where we work.

Our DE&I awards and recognition

Celebrating our progress as we work to make Shell one of the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are a place to collaborate, support each other, celebrate successes and work with others to drive Shell's DE&I strategy.