People are Shell’s greatest asset, including all our colleagues, partners and customers with a disability, who are neuro-diverse or have a long-term health condition. Creating an inclusive, psychologically safe environment is a priority for us. According to the United Nations, around 15% of the world’s population, or an estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities. Yet, we know that many people in the community are reluctant to talk openly at work about the adjustments they need out of fear that someone, even if well-intentioned, may create barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their potential and unleashing their full talent and capability. That is not the culture we want at Shell and we are creating an environment where people with disabilities can excel.

We’ve outlined some of our key initiatives, commitments and progress we’ve made to further disability inclusion and enABLEment at Shell and in the communities where we work.

A strategy shaped by our people

We know the only way we can deliver against our commitment to be one of the most diverse and inclusive organisations in the world is to put our people at the heart of our approach. Our ongoing conversations on disability inclusion, equity and enablement, at all levels of the organisation, are shaped by the voices and experiences of colleagues and (like Shell Health, IT and Real Estate) that play an important role:

  • Global enABLEment Coalition: The Global enABLEment Coalition, made up of leaders from our Employee Resource Groups and key teams, helps to shape the inclusion strategy across Shell. The Coalition provides expertise and advice to Shell leaders, our businesses and our employee resource groups for accessibility, disability inclusion and enablement.
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): The role of staff in shaping our strategy extends to country level. We have 15 employee resource groups (ERGs), that support individuals, line managers, and the wider business locally and globally in matters relating to accessibility, disability inclusion and enablement. Our employee resource groups create safe spaces to learn, share, educate and through advocacy, create positive change. The first enABLE group launched in the UK 17 years ago and has now been joined by 14 other countries, including Brazil, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, the Netherlands and the USA.

To learn more about our strategy, read our DE&I ambitions and progress and our Pillars and Goals and Guiding Principles.

Executive sponsors driving progress

Recognising the importance of senior executive sponsorship to drive progress, the disability inclusion and enABLEment focus area is sponsored by Harry Brekelmans, our Projects & Technology Director, and Huibert Vigeveno, our Downstream Director, who both report into Shell’s CEO.

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Workplace Accessibility (WPA), home ergonomics, and support

Our in-house team covers 86 locations around the world to ensure that all employees have access to reasonable physical workplace or other adjustments so that they can work effectively. The team is supported by functions such as Shell Health, Human Resources, Real Estate and IT. During the COVID-19 pandemic we combined our home-working ergonomics programme with WPA to help all employees, including those with disabilities, work from home effectively. In addition, Shell’s Occupational Health team provides confidential support in the workplace. They listen to individual challenges, discuss possible workplace adjustments and let people know what resources are available to them.

The power of staff stories

By creating safety to share, and listening to each other’s experiences, we can learn more about what each of us can do differently to make someone else’s experience better. By doing so, we can all contribute to a more inclusive world. Many Shell colleagues around the world continue to courageously share their inspiring stories, which has created a deeper level of empathy among staff to reflect on and become stronger active allies. Here is one of these inspiring stories:


Only about 16% of autistic adults are in employment, so I was ecstatic when I found out I got the placement at Shell. They just see me as a talented employee.” Hannah works in Shell’s IT department, enhancing and developing existing programs to improve efficiency of business processes.


A role for everyone

Whilst countries may be at different places in their DE&I journeys, no-one has grownup in a world free from bias. That’s why annual DE&I training is mandatory for everyone at Shell. The training helps ensure colleagues know what’s expected of them, it gives them tools to use every day and guidance on being an ally and intervening in the moment. Whilst it’s only one part of building an inclusive culture, it is an essential one when combined with our other actions to drive meaningful change. And to help turn theory into action, we have asked everyone at Shell to step up in DE&I, to achieve genuine change in who we are, and how we show up – everyday.

Voluntary Self-Identification (Self-ID)

By better understanding who we are, we can work towards where we want to be. In 2022 we started to roll out Self-ID for employees in our HR system, which includes an option to voluntarily declare if they identify has having a disability or long-term health condition. This will allow us to better track our progress with data insights, as well as better understand different groups’ experiences, identify strengths that we need to sustain, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Working with others

  • The Valuable 500

    The Valuable 500

    We’re part of the Valuable500, which connects 500 of the world’s most influential global businesses to create a tipping point for large scale disability inclusion.

    Visit the Valuable 500

  • PurpleSpace


    We are members of PurpleSpace, the world's only hub for networking and professional development of ERG leads and allies.

    Visit the PurpleSpace

  • Business Disability Forum

    Business Disability Forum

    Shell was a BDF Disability Smart Awards Finalist for Disability  Confident Covid 19 Innovation in 2021

    Visit the Business Disability Forum

Read more about DE&I at Shell

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Shell, we are working to become one of the most diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations' in the world, a place where everyone feels valued and respected and has a strong sense of belonging.


Shell is working towards gender equality in our workforce.

Race & Ethnicity

We are working to address racial inequity and create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued.


We are working to advance LGBT+ inclusion within Shell and the communities where we work.

Our DE&I awards and recognition

Celebrating our progress as we work to make Shell one of the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are a place to collaborate, support each other, celebrate successes and work with others to drive Shell's DE&I strategy.

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