A fully inclusive workplace allows our employees and our business to flourish. We are proud to support our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) staff, promoting equal opportunity and creating an environment where people feel included regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our approach reinforces respect for people and provides psychological safety for our LGBT+ employees in line with our core values. This is true for all countries where Shell operates.

Most of our work around LGBT+ inclusion happens at a country level in line with local policies, laws and regulations. We have also created a global LGBT+ Forum which comprises LGBT+ colleagues and allies who have a common interest in the advancement of LGBT+ inclusion.

The Forum provides a safe space for LGBT+ colleagues around the world to connect with each other and drives the strategic direction for LGBT+ inclusion across Shell. The Forum and its members act as LGBT+ ambassadors, providing expertise and advice to Shell leaders and employee networks across Shell. The global network is sponsored by Jessica Uhl, our Chief Financial Officer, and Maarten Wetselaar, our Integrated Gas and New Energies Director.

Our commitments

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    To provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment for LGBT+ staff so that they can be themselves and reach their full potential.

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    Starting in 2021 in countries with an established LGBT+ network, Shell businesses in individual countries will develop their own local plans in line with our global priorities for LGBT+ inclusion focusing on raising awareness and creating a culture of care and inclusion, providing support for LGBT+ staff, and contributing to the communities where we operate.

Our actions

In 2021, we aim to launch a pilot project in selected countries to encourage people to voluntarily self-identify as LGBT+ in our human resources systems. The project will allow us to enable self-identification while managing people’s data privacy rights. Self-identification can help us measure the impact of our LGBT+ inclusion practices. This will help us better understand how we can support our LGBT+ staff and improve their experience at work.

Our first LGBT+ employee resource group or network was set up in the USA in 1997. There are now local chapters in more than 13 countries, including in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and USA.

In 2018, Shell endorsed the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business which aims to tackle discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people (LGBTI).

In 2020, Shell businesses in more than 25 countries celebrated International Coming Out Day. We participate in Pride marches in many countries, including India, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Poland to show support for the local LGBT+ community.

We have launched campaigns aimed at supporting the LGBT+ community in the USA, the Netherlands and Brazil. For example, five retail stations in and around Amsterdam were rebranded and displayed the rainbow flag in 2018 in support of Pride celebrations. An advertising campaign for Shell lubricants in Brazil featured a transgender truck driver.

We offer staff voluntary awareness training on sexual orientation, and human resources staff and diversity and inclusion champions receive coaching on how to deliver this training in our different locations. We include LGBT+ inclusion in all diversity and inclusion training around the world.

We offer ally programmes that serve to make senior leaders and staff across Shell more aware of the challenges of that LGBT+ people face.

Working with others

  • Workplace Pride

    Workplace Pride

    Shell is a member of Workplace Pride, a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2012, we became a co-signatory of the Workplace Pride Declaration of Amsterdam in support of an LGBT+ inclusive workplace.

    Visit Workplace Pride

  • Human Rights Campaign

    Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

    We are a corporate partner of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest civil rights organisation working to achieve equality for LGBT+ people in the USA.

    Visit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

  • Stonewall


    Shell is a member of Stonewall, an organisation in the UK that campaigns for the equality of LGBT+ people.

    Visit Stonewall

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN)

    Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN)

    We are a member of the Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN), a leading network for companies and professionals committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in their organisations in Asia.

    Visit the Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network


- In 2020, we earned a 100% score in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, which benchmarks corporate policies, practices and benefits relevant to LBGT+ people in the USA.

- Shell has been consistently ranked as a top employer in the Workplace Pride Global inclusive workplace benchmark survey for greater acceptance of LGBT+ people in the workplace and society.


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