We are creating an environment where people with disabilities can excel. We provide support and make adjustments for people with disabilities through our recruitment process and throughout our colleagues’ careers with Shell. This includes equal access to valuable educational resources, training programmes, and emphasis on personal and professional development.

To further support our employees with disabilities, we have created internal employee resource groups (ERGs), including the enABLE Network that support and highlight the work of disabled employees in Shell. First launched in the UK in 2005, we now have 14 enABLE employee resource groups in various countries including Brazil, Canada, Australia, India, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. The Enablement and disability inclusion focus area is sponsored by Harry Brekelmans, Projects & Technology Director and Huibert Vigeveno, Downstream Director.

We are also taking steps to provide a better experience for our customers with physical disabilities. For example, we have launched an app in partnership with fuelService that allows drivers with any disability that makes refuelling difficult to alert retail sites in advance and request assistance.

Our commitments

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    We will make mobility services inclusive and accessible to customers with disabilities across Shell’s global network of around 46,000 service stations by 2030, starting with a commitment of 20,000 retail sites by 2025.

Our actions

In 2021, we created the Global enABLEMENT Coalition, which is sponsored by members of Shell’s Executive Committee, bringing together country enABLE leaders and relevant Shell functional teams that collaborate to create an inclusive, accessible and psychologically safe workplace for people with disabilities. We have a team focusing on workplace accessibility (WPA) in 86 locations around the world. Supported by functions such as Shell Health, HR, Real Estate and IT, WPA is designed to ensure that all employees have access to reasonable physical workplace or other adjustments so that they can work effectively and productively. We combined the home-working ergonomics programme with WPA to help all employees including those with disabilities to work from home effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shell’s Occupational Health team provides confidential support in the workplace. They listen to individual challenges, discuss possible workplace adjustments and let people know what resources are available to them.

Since 2018 we have run a programme called “I’m Not OK” to promote open and honest conversations about mental health. We have a website that allows employees worldwide to share their stories about the support that helped them when they struggled.

Our employee assistance programme, available in most of our locations, offers professional counselling support to people with personal or work-related problems.

Since 2019, we have been part of the disability campaign The Valuable 500, a global business group which seeks to eliminate the exclusion of people with disabilities and ensure that disability remains a priority for company leaders.

Working with others

  • The Valuable

    The Valuable 500 (PWD)

    We are part of The Valuable 500, a campaign which brings together companies and leaders dedicated to ensuring the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

    Visit The Valuable 500

  • Business Disability Forum

    Business Disability Forum

    We are members of Business Disability Forum, a membership organisation that brings business leaders, people with disabilities, and government together to understand how to improve the life opportunities and experiences of people with disabilities in employment, the economy and wider society.

    Visit the Business Disability Forum

  • Purplespace


    We are part of PurpleSpace, a networking and professional development hub for employees with disabilities, employee resource group leads, and allies from all sectors and trades.

    Visit PurpleSpace


- In 2019, Shell was awarded the Business Disability Smart Multinational Award by the Business Disability Forum in the UK for our workplace accessibility service, and “I’m not OK” programme.


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