Our CEO and Executive Committee are accountable for progress in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). We want to embed DE&I into everything we do, in the same way that we do for safety. DE&I is reflected in company policies regarding diversity, discrimination and harassment

We have made progress in building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, but we know that we can do more. To achieve this, we must ensure everyone is treated fairly, irrespective of their differences. That starts with creating and promoting an inclusive workplace, where all staff can perform at their best. It means valuing our differences in an organisation that operates in more than 70 countries.

The Shell People Survey is an important internal tool that we use to measure employee engagement, motivation, affiliation, and commitment to Shell, and in 2021 had a response rate of 83%. We scored 80 points out of 100 for all questions relating to DE&I, with the new 2021 question ‘I feel like I belong at Shell’ scoring 77.

We have promoted DE&I at Shell for many years, through our policies, leadership programmes and employee resource groups or networks. Our 122 employee resource groups in 31 countries represent our people in different areas including gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, levels of experience, people with disabilities and sexual orientation. We also have four global ERGs – enGAGE (Shell Global Allies for Gender Equity), Global LGBT+ Forum, Global Enablement Coalition, and the Employee Advisory Board to our Global DE&I Council for Race. We value our employee resource groups and nurture their development. Our employee resource groups play an important role as part of our overall DE&I strategy, and operate on the principles of inclusion, open dialogue and constructive contribution to promote an inclusive culture.

We are also continuing to work on levelling the playing field by identifying and removing barriers to opportunity, so our employees, and the communities in which we live and work, can thrive in our four global equity focus areas – gender; race and ethnicity; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender plus (LGBT+); and people with disabilities.

Everyone at Shell is expected to live by our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. These standards are set out in the Shell General Business Principles and our Code of Conduct. In line with our Code of Conduct, we offer equal opportunities to everyone. We work in line with local policies, laws and regulations. In 2021, we launched two mandatory training programmes for all staff on Respect in the Workplace and Conscious Inclusion. These will help us to continue to embed inclusive behaviours in our culture.

We expect all staff and our leaders to live by our values and demonstrate these behaviours. Our Global Helpline allows employees, contractors, customers and suppliers to raise concerns and report instances of potential non-compliance with our values and principles.

By becoming a truly diverse and inclusive organisation, we will contribute to a better and more equal world.

Shell will also become a stronger company, with a richness of experience and views that enable us to transition successfully, innovate and grow, we will have the strongest foundations to find innovative solutions to our most difficult challenges, we will better serve our customers, and will innovate and grow.

Our human resources policies and standards help us establish fair labour practices and a positive work environment. To ensure all people are treated fairly and to attract a diverse and talented workforce Shell follows the Fair Pay Principles.

Our equity focus areas

  • Woman and Men discussion


    Shell is working towards gender equality in our workforce. We continue our focus on attracting and developing women because they continue to be underrepresented in parts of our businesses, across a number of our locations and at the more senior levels within our organisation.

    Explore gender

  • Shell Employee at Plant

    Race and ethnicity

    We will work to address racial inequity and seek to ensure everyone at Shell feels included and has equal opportunities.

    Explore race and ethnicity

  • LGBT


    We are working to advance LGBT+ inclusion within Shell and the communities where we work.

    Explore LGBT+

  • Disability people

    People with disabilities

    Shell is a place where people with disabilities can excel. We will provide support and can make adjustments for people with disabilities through the recruitment process and throughout their careers with Shell.

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- In Singapore, Shell was named as 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year at the 21st Annual Business Awards conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce.

- In the Philippines, Shell was awarded a Physical Wellbeing Award at the 2021 Asia Employee Wellbeing Awards. This award reinforces Shell's commitment in ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees.

Shell Indonesia was named as a Best Company To Work For at the HR Asia Awards in 2020 and 2021. The award is targeted at companies across Asia and recognises companies with the best HR practices and which demonstrate high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures



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Our values

At Shell, we share a set of core values – honesty, integrity and respect for people – which underpin all the work we do.