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Shell holds equity interest in 7 offshore blocks in Myanmar. This acreage offers an exciting frontier exploration opportunity to apply the advanced deep-water technical capabilities we have built up around the world over the past three decades. We are using leading (deep-water) exploration technologies including advanced tools for acquiring, processing and interpreting seismic and other geophysical data. After completing an Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE), Shell and its partners started the 3D seismic acquisition programme in Q4 2015.

Block Shell MOECO* Woodside Energy PETRONAS MPEP** Area Sq km Approx. water depth m
AD-9 54% (operator) 10% - 36% - 7,798 2,300
AD-11 54% (operator) 10% - 36% - 6,853 2,300
MD-5 90% (operator) 10%  - - - 6,350 2,100
A-4 45% (operator) - 45% - 10% 7,479 2,200
AD-2 55% (operator) - 45% - - 8,098 2,300
A-7 45% - 45% (operator) - 10% 8,220 2,400
AD-5 45% - 55% (operator) - - 10,560 2,600

* Mitsui Oil Exploration Co.,Ltd. Group ** Myanmar Petroleum Exploration and Production

Note: Shell took over BG’s interest in blocks A-4, AD-2, A7 and AD-5 after the Shell/BG combination materialized on 15 February 2015.

Map of Shell’s offshore exploration acreage in Myanmar
Map of Shell’s offshore exploration acreage in Myanmar.

Impact Assessments


In accordance with Shell standards, international best practices and recently enacted Myanmar legislation, Shell has undertaken social and environmental impact assessments, named Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs), in preparation for the activities associated with planned oil and gas exploration surveys in Blocks AD-9, AD-11, MD-5, A-4 and AD-02, offshore Myanmar. The IEEs were informed by public consultations in the coastal areas adjacent to the Blocks.

The full reports and executive summaries are available at the links below.


Executive Summaries

IEE AD-9 (Myanmar)

IEE AD-11 (Myanmar)

IEE MD-5 (Myanmar)

IEE Block A4 (English)

IEE Block A4 (Myanmar)

IEE Block AD-02 (English)

IEE AD-02 (Myanmar)


Full Reports

IEE AD-9 (English)

IEE AD-11 (English)

IEE MD-5 (English)

IEE Block A4 (English)

IEE Block AD-02 (English)


Environmental Monitoring Reports

AD11 (English)

AD02 and A4 (English)


Read about Shell Myanmar’s activities in the Shell 2015 Sustainability Report

Mr. Graeme Smith and H.E. U Zay Yar Aung

Mr. Graeme Smith (VP Exploration Asia at Shell) and H.E. U Zay Yar Aung (Union Minister for the Ministry of Energy) shake hands in celebration of signing the production sharing contracts between Shell, MOECO and MOGE for deep-water blocks AD-9, AD-11 and MD-5 on 5 February 2015.

Shell to explore in deep-water offshore Myanmar

Kosuke Onishi (General Manager, Asia Business Division 1, MOECO), Mr. Graeme Smith (VP Exploration Asia at Shell), H.E. U Zay Yar Aung (Union Minister for the Ministry of Energy), U Myo Min Oo (Managing Director, Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise) and U Pe Zin Tun (Director General, Energy Planning Department) sign the production sharing contracts in Naypyidaw on 5 February 2015.


Visit Global Shell Deepwater page


Shell branded retail sites in Myanmar

In July 2017, Max Energy Company Limited and Shell Brands International announced they entered into a licence agreement that will introduce Shell branded retail sites in Myanmar. The sites will be owned and operated by Max Energy Myanmar. The aim is to achieve a nationwide rollout of Shell branded retail sites in the next three years. These sites will adhere to the highest standards in service, quality fuels and values of the Shell brand. Max will have all its fuel needs supplied by Shell International Eastern Trading Company (SIETCO), helping ensure security of supply and product quality.

Read the press release in English

Read the press release in Burmese


Shell oils and lubricants

Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier (Kline & Company), delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries. Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, offering our customers the best lubricant solutions for their applications – from road cars and heavy-duty trucks to manufacturing machinery, construction vehicles and more. Our lubricant products work to clean and protect the engine, help to prolong equipment life, improve performance and contribute to better fuel efficiency. In Myanmar, Shell Lubricant products are distributed by Que Holdings, our partner since April 2013.

Visit the Shell engine oils and lubricants


Shell Bitumen truck

Shell Bitumen is one of the world's leading suppliers of bitumen and asphalt solutions, with over 1,600 customers across 28 countries. We supply enough bitumen to resurface 450 lane kilometres of road every day; that's enough road to travel around the world four times in one year; or one lane-kilometre of road every four minutes.

On May 26, 2016, Shell Bitumen signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with National Infrastructure Holdings Corp, Ltd (NIHC) to pursue opportunities to supply its bitumen products and solutions into Myanmar. To showcase Shell's superior technical expertise and commitment to quality assurance, Shell and NIHC completed a 5 km road trial project along Pyinmana Myo Shuang Road, near Nay Pyi Taw Airport. The pavement design was overseen by Shell Bitumen technical experts and used bitumen sourced from Shell's facility in Pulau Bukom, Singapore.

Shell Trading

News and Press releases

Shell IR and Media app

Max Energy Myanmar and Shell sign Retail Brand License Agreement (Date: 6 July 2017)

Read the press release in English
Read the press release in Burmese

Shell and NIHC completes road trial project (Date: 27 May 2016)

Read the press release in English
Read the press release in Burmese

BG Group signs Production Sharing Contract in Myanmar (Date: 20 March 2015)

Read the press release in English

Shell signs contracts to explore in deep water offshore Myanmar (Date: 5 February 2015)

Read the press release in English
Read the press release in Burmese

Read about Shell Myanmar’s activities in the Shell 2015 Sustainability Report


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