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Shell Southern Africa has a number of distributors and wholesalers that sell Shell Paraffin across the region.  They form a vital cog of the Shell Paraffin business as they act as the link between Shell and the end consumer.

The Shell distributors operate under the Shell general business principles and they are regarded as the ambassadors of the brand in all the areas that they are doing business. They are well trained to run their businesses in a professional way and to always serve their customers with pride.  The Shell wholesalers and resellers are supported with promotions and other advertising materials that are aimed at improving sales, building loyalty, creating awareness and excitement amongst our end consumers.

The Shell Field managers are responsible for all the programs that should be put in place for various distributors. Training is one of the most basic elements that contributes to the success of the Shell resellers and wholesalers. They are professional, honest and serious about the businesses that they run.

Click on the Link below to see a map of all our IP Distributors in their regions :

- Shell IP Distributors

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