We are reducing our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by using energy more efficiently.

Our CO2 and energy management system helps us to identify ways we can improve the energy efficiency of our equipment and processes – for example, by reducing heat loss or using less energy in the first place. We receive instant information that can be used to make energy-saving changes. In 2014, this system helped us make energy consumption savings worth around $16 million across our 20 global manufacturing sites.

We are also improving energy efficiency in our shipping operations. We have developed ways to reduce fuel consumption, and loading and discharging times, across our fleet of 54 liquefied natural gas tankers and oil-powered vessels – achieving savings worth more than $150 million in 2013 and 2014. Now we are introducing the same efficiencies into other parts of our fleet.

More In Sustainability

Air quality

We take steps to reduce airborne pollutants from our operations and help customers reduce their impact on air quality by using our products.