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Our approach to biodiversity

We apply stringent mitigation standards when working in critical habitats rich in biodiversity and important to the conservation of endangered species.

Biodiversity in action

We work to protect biodiversity near our operations in a number of different ways around the world. 

blue whale in the sea

The incredible journey of Flex the Whale

A young whale’s remarkable migration across vast ocean distances has led scientists to a new understanding of the world’s grey whales.

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View of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil

Developing skills, broadening horizons

Discover how one Shell employee joined an eye-opening experience in the Brazilian rainforest as volunteer on an environmental research project.

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Ramon Martinez - Shell engineer

Good neighbours in narrow straits

Safely replacing a 6,000-tonne section of oil pipeline in the Port of Singapore needed precision planning and in-depth consultation to limit disruption to people nearby, including two fish farm owners, whose sea bass swim in the Singapore Strait.

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How underwater robots shine a light on sharks

How underwater robots shine a light on sharks

See how ocean scientists are using energy industry technology to reveal life in deep water.

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