The Shell LiveWIRE programme helps young entrepreneurs to start their own business, turning their ideas into sustainable sources of income to create jobs and stimulate local economic growth. The programme is active in 15 countries where we operate, providing business skills training and workshops, business start-up grants and awards, and linking entrepreneurs to opportunities in sectors that contribute to the local economy. We also help to facilitate access to finance, incubation, business acceleration, markets, technology and mentoring.

The Shell LiveWIRE initiatives consistently create significant benefits through the businesses they support. For example, in 2015, more than 8,000 people took part in the programme and more than 90 businesses were established.

In 2015, Shell LiveWIRE introduced two new global initiatives, Let’s Go Trade and Top Ten Innovators, to offer further opportunities and funding for Shell LiveWIRE alumni to grow their businesses and celebrate innovation.

Let’s Go Trade is aimed at entrepreneurs who have been in business between 18 months and five years, and would like to travel internationally to investigate new markets and find ways to innovate in their business.

Top Ten Innovators is a forum to celebrate and reward past participants in Shell LiveWIRE, whose businesses demonstrate excellence in innovation. Applicants are able to share their knowledge and learnings, and have the opportunity to inspire others through their stories. In 2015, entrepreneur Esther Wang and her company Joytingle, from Singapore, scooped the top prize for innovation. Esther’s interactive toy, “Rabbit Ray”, helps reduce the anxiety and trauma often experienced by young people undergoing treatment for serious medical conditions.

Visit the Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators website to read more about Joytingle and other 2015 Top Ten Innovators

Meet some of the Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneurs

Winds of change

Turning footsteps into light

Young boy playing football

Members of a favela community in Rio di Janeiro and students in Nigeria’s capital city Lagos can now use their football pitches into the night, under floodlights powered by combination of players’ footsteps and solar energy stored during the day. Start-up company Pavegen, set up by Shell LiveWIRE UK grant winner Laurence Kemball-Cook, developed kinetic tiles which it installed on both pitches. The tiles convert energy from players’ footsteps it into electricity.

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From coffee into energy

A flying start

Shell LiveWIRE Nigeria

Shell LiveWIRE Nigeria received the African Leadership Magazine Award for Youth Development in 2011 and many of its beneficiaries have gone on to excel. Read the stories of five Nigerian entrepreneurs whose businesses Shell LiveWIRE Nigeria has supported. 

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