Shell is working across the world to give more people the chance of a good education to help them build a better future.

From cradle to career - scholarships in Nigeria

In Nigeria access to good, affordable education is limited. Shell companies in Nigeria are helping to reduce illiteracy levels in the Niger Delta, giving students the chance of a brighter future.

In 2015, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) awarded 930 scholarship grants to secondary school students and 638 to university undergraduates. Over the past 50 years more than 14,000 young people have benefited from these grants.

The cradle-to-career scheme pays full board for the brightest children, from rural communities in the Niger Delta where SPDC operates, to attend good secondary schools.

The scheme aims to boost academic excellence and, in the five years since it began, has benefited 410 schoolchildren.

Supporting STEM in the UK

Almost everything about our modern world stems from science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). Yet in the UK there is a growing need to re-engage children with these subjects to inspire them to become engineers or scientists, whose skills are essential to meeting the world’s growing energy demand while reducing carbon emissions. To sustain innovation and growth, the UK needs to double the number of people becoming engineers.

This is why Shell is supporting STEM through a range of initiatives. For example, Shell UK has invested more than £1 million in the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme. Endorsed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Tomorrow’s Engineers aims to give every 11-14 year-old student in the UK inspiring hands-on engineering experience with employers.

Other initiatives in the UK include the Shell Engineering Scheme, a highly sought after and prestigious training programme for young adults, a Girls In Energy college course, and the Your Life campaign, which addresses the negative perceptions some school students have about maths, physics and other science-based subjects.

Supporting STEM

See how Shell in the UK is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers through national and local education programmes.

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