The featured cars

  • Ferrari 500, 1952

Conceived by Ferrari’s chief designer Aurelio Lampredi, the beautifully elegant Tip 500 was a formidably effective tool in the hands of the great Alberto Ascari. Bar two non-championship events, it won every race it was entered into in 1952, securing the world championship for Ascari.

  • Ferrari 312, 1967

The V12-engined 312 was the staple for Ferrari’s Formula One campaign in the late 1960s, and the driver roll call of the Mauro Forghieri-designed racer included such hallowed names as Chris Amon, Lorenzo Bandini, Jacky Ickx and John Surtees.

  • Ferrari 312B, 1970

With its powerful ‘flat 12’ engine, which significantly lowered its centre of gravity, the 312B was driven to its limits by Jacky Ickx and Clay Ragazzoni, who together claimed enough points for Ferrari to push challengers Lotus aside and win the 1970 Constructors’ Championship.

  • Ferrari F300, 1998

Rory Byrne designed the F300 that took Michael Schumacher head to head with Mika Häkkinen’s McLaren MP4/13 in the fiercely fought 1998 season. Although Ferrari and Schumacher finished second overall that year, the F300 was the start of Ferrari’s dominance of the following seasons. 

  • Ferrari F2003GA, 2003

Named in honour of Gianni Agnelli, the recently deceased patriarch of the Fiat Empire, the F2003 not only brought Ferrari the Constructors’ title, but also gave Michael Schumacher his sixth championship title, breaking the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio’s 46-year-old record.

The key players

  • Jaspar Shelbourne, Creative Director

Jobs like these don’t come along very often. We had to make a two-minute film that left you thinking ‘What a ride!’ Two minutes that excited you whether you liked cars or not. What we wanted to get onto the screen was what we felt when the car drove past us as we filmed it. The sound is genuine, the cars are authentic and the places are real. 

  • Dean Baker, Producer

As a producer, you always look for the most demanding and most inspiring projects, and I can honestly say that this was one of the most challenging adverts I have ever undertaken. We had to track down the cars and then arrange to ship them around the world. Then we had to organise shutting down some of the busiest streets in the world and film the cars driving flat out along them. When I watch the advert, I know just how much everyone put into this project. I feel immensely proud of what we have achieved.

  • Rob Hall, Driver

Although it was a lot of hard work, I have some very special memories of the shoot. It was an absolute privilege. Not many people can say they’ve raced a Ferrari Formula One car through New York. I drove the cars with enthusiasm because the director wanted to keep it as pure and authentic as possible and not have to resort to any computer-generated graphics. 

  • Bill Smedley, Editor

It was an amazing job; something that I was privileged to work on. What we wanted to achieve was a visceral and intimate feel, trying to make the viewer feel more of a participant than an onlooker. There are plenty of uncut pieces of footage that allow the viewer to really take in and absorb what was being filmed. 

  • Fi Kilroy, Post-production Editor

What you see on the screen is pretty much what was filmed. The whole production team did such an amazing job that our work was pretty limited – quite unusual for such a long, detailed and geographically diverse production.

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