Royal Dutch Shell Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser commented:

“Shell is driving a long-term and consistent strategy, against a backdrop of volatile energy markets. Our profits pay for substantial investments in new energy supplies, and they pay dividends for our shareholders.

“Our earnings were driven by lower oil and gas prices, and lower chemicals margins, which offset the benefits of our operating performance, underlying growth in oil and gas production, and higher results in Integrated Gas and Oil Products.

“We’ve made progress with our Alaska exploration programme, commencing drilling operations in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, as the industry continues to assess offshore potential there. This will be a multi-year exploration programme, demonstrating Shell’s commitments to high standards on sustainable development and safety.

“We continue to refresh our portfolio, launching new oil and gas developments, making new exploration discoveries, purchasing new liquids-rich shale acreage and increasing our positions in oil and gas fields where we can add value with our innovation and scale. We are also continuing with our capital efficiency drive, selling down positions where others can add more value. We have announced around $6 billion of acquisitions and new acreage and also around $6 billion of asset sales in 2012, which will better position Shell for growth.

“I am pleased with our progress in a difficult industry environment. There is more to come from Shell.”

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