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There will be specific skill requirements for your chosen job area. But whatever your role, there are certain qualities you’ll need if you’re going to succeed at Shell.

Above all else, you should enjoy being challenged, so that rather than being overwhelmed if a task seems impossible, you welcome the opportunity to be innovative.  You also need to be good at absorbing information, analysing problems, making objective decisions and coming up with original ideas. You should have the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done, the flexibility to work in a team and the credibility to influence others.

In return we’ll give you training, support and guidance to develop your potential. We’ll team you up with some of Shell’s most accomplished problem-solvers so you’ll be working alongside dynamic innovators, helping to deliver better energy solutions.

The Shell ‘C.A.R.’ criteria

You’ll be assessed across all three ‘C.A.R.’ criteria listed below.


We’re looking for people with the intellectual, analytical and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues and propose solutions. Can you reach informed conclusions through broad thinking? Can you work with incomplete or conflicting data and take well-calculated risks? Have you ever identified new ways of doing things based on an analysis of current conditions, data and feedback?


Are you good at working by yourself or within a team. Do you enjoy taking on new and unfamiliar tasks? We hope that the graduates we recruit will be future Shell leaders, so we’ll ask you about achievements in any areas of your life as well as your academic qualifications. What did you achieve? Who were your peer groups? How were you assessed?


Being able to work effectively as part of a diverse team and form mutually beneficial, long-term working relationships will be essential. Can you recall situations where you’ve had to influence people by adapting your communication style?  What positions of responsibility have you held over the last four years?

What exposure have you had to different environments and cultures?

In addition, please note that some countries/regions may have additional local requirements

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