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If you’re accepted onto the programme you’ll discover your strengths through challenging jobs and continuous learning opportunities. You’ll be part of a team of trusted and supportive colleagues who will enable you to achieve your goals in an organisation that values relationships. 

Each area has its own tailored development framework based on a standardised global Shell structure. This framework includes: 

  • Competences; 
  • Job tasks and performance;
  • Strong supervisory support and coaching;
  • Learning curriculum (training, e-learning modules, face-to-face workshops).

Main benefits of Shell’s Graduate Programme

  • Competence-based programme that will develop you into an independent Shell professional.
  • Skill building through hands-on roles, job tasks and world-class training and development in a truly diverse environment.
  • Challenging and substantial responsibilities from your first entry into the business, where your performance contributes to company success.
  • Strong support network to help you succeed. Supervisors, coaches, mentors and professional experts help you monitor and track your progress. 
  • Helps you build on your strengths and offers opportunities to achieve your potential.
  • Strong platform for building a successful career in Shell.