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We expect individuals to be individually driven.

For Shell, investing in people is as important as investing in new business opportunities and technologies. So throughout your career with us, you have unrivalled scope for development through personalised training opportunities based on these principles:

We assess - develop - reassess
After assessing your skills, we feedback insights so you can create an effective development plan with your supervisor. We recognise the extent to which business objectives and personal aspirations are intertwined. So your potential to impact the whole company will be reflected in your development plan.

We know the strongest leaders know their own strengths
We work with you to identify your key strengths and support you in achieving the required functional, personal and leadership competences. We also help you focus on exploring opportunities to increase your knowledge and skills.

We recognise that you learn best when you’re challenged
Giving you challenging tasks and live projects are powerful ways to accelerate your development.  Working on real assignments with real responsibilities will help you push beyond your limits and think and act differently.

We expect individuals to be individually driven
While your supervisor and mentor will support and coach you, you also need to be proactive in driving your development. From day one you will be given responsibility and accountability in your role with Shell which includes being empowered to manage your own career.

Your training programme is as unique as you are
Crafted to your chosen discipline, the skills you need for your particular career path will be the main focus of your learning. You’ll develop a high level of specialist knowledge, developing the commercial expertise that you need to succeed in business – including leadership and teamwork.

Your training will be underpinned by a continuous, structured support network including line managers, mentors, senior team members and technical discipline leads.

A final assessment will give formal recognition that you’re fully equipped with the experience you need. This will help determine the role that is best suited to you.

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