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STEP 1: Download and complete this file 'CS PhD Additional Information'.

STEP 2: If you have already created an account on the Shell Recruitment Day website and have been redirected here for the additional information template CS PhD India Application, please skip to STEP 4

STEP 3: Please create a new account by following this link; on the displayed webpage, please select ‘Shell Recruitment Day’

STEP 4: Under Search Current Opportunities Click “Search openings”

STEP 5: In search openings fields, you would be asked to select the work location, country and language. Please select "Asia Pacific, " India” , &  “English” and click search.

STEP 6: Two opportunity Links will be shown. Please click on “Shell NWO-FOM Computational Sciences PhD Programme” and select  “Apply to job(s)”. Please complete the Interactive Online Application Form. Please note cookies may  need to be enabled. If your browser throws up an error and you do not see the interactive application form, please go back to STEP 4 and click on the link 'If you have problems viewing this page, please click here" and follow the rest of the steps starting with STEP 4 above. 

STEP 7: VERY IMPORTANT- Once inside the Interactive questionnaire, in response to the question on: “Country/ Region of Interest - you will find two India-specific choices - ‘India’ and ‘India-PhD’;  please choose  ‘India-PhD' and not ‘India’.

STEP 8: Please upload the duly filled CS PhD Additional Information.xlsm sheet, you had downloaded in STEP 1 to the Additional Attachment section of the Interactive online Application form. Please note that without this step, your application is incomplete.

STEP 9: You can save the application form as draft multiple times using the 'Save as Draft' button. Once completed please press the 'Submit' button. Please note that once you submit, you can no longer modify the application form or attachments.

STEP 10: An E-Assessment link will be sent to your email the next day. Click on the link and complete the E-Assessment. You will also receive a Unique Candidate ID to use in all your correspondence.

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