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The Supplier Qualification System (SQS) is designed to collect and store information on suppliers invited to work with Shell. SQS is operated by Achilles who will assist suppliers with registration and provide on-going support. Suppliers register at their own cost.

SQS forms part of the internal process we use to pre-qualify suppliers for upcoming contracts.  It provides a standard and streamlined approach to the pre-qualification process and ensures that suppliers complete relevant assessments. Registration in SQS does not guarantee any business with Shell.

Becoming a registered supplier

Registration is by invitation only. You will be asked to register in SQS if your company is being considered for a potential contract or is renewing a current contract with Shell.

The registration process

Our Contracting & Procurement specialists will contact Achilles with a request to invite suppliers to register in SQS. Achilles SQS Customer Support Team will contact identified suppliers by sending an invitation letter with a registration token.

If you are already registered, please follow this link to login and access or update your current profile.

To complete the registration process, you will need to do the following:

Stage 1:

Complete the online questionnaire. There is no charge for Stage 1 registration and it will take about 20 minutes to complete. A Stage 1 Registration Overview is available to download below under “Related documents”, which lists the information you will need to provide at Stage 1. 

If your company profile is identified as 'low risk', no further action is necessary.

Stage 2:

Depending on the information you provide during Stage 1, you may need to provide additional information related to your company’s policies in the areas of health & safety, labour rights and/or ethics and compliance.

In this case you will be required to proceed to Stage 2 of the registration process, where you may need to complete additional, detailed questionnaires in a relevant area and submit evidence in support of your answers. A Stage2 Registration Overview is available to download below under “Related documents”, which lists the information and documentation you will need to provide at Stage 2.

Achilles will provide an independent assessment of the completed questionnaires. This service is subject to a fee that is paid directly by you to Achilles.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the Supplier Qualification System and registration process, please e-mail SQS@achilles.com. Also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document available to download below.

All correspondence relating to SQS will be sent from either a Shell or Achilles e-mail address (e.g. SQS@achilles.com | sqs@achillesmail.com | PT-SQS-Project-Team@shell.com). If you receive communication regarding SQS from any other e-mail domain or source these are not valid. We ask that you immediately notify the team of this communication by e-mailing sqs@achilles.com.

Businesses without SQS

Due to legal and organisational constraints a limited number of Shell business units will not use SQS for their suppliers.

  • All non-operated joint ventures
  • Shell Malaysia Exploration and Production
  • Shell Egypt NV
  • Shell upstream business in Nigeria
  • Shell upstream business in Russian/Caspian region (Russia/Kazakhstan/Ukraine)
  • Upstream international unconventional business
  • Shell Iraq Petroleum Development, Shell Gas Iraq B.V.
  • Butagaz (Downstream LPG business)

The following groups of suppliers are not required to register in SQS:

  • Passenger airlines
  • Passenger rail services
  • Partners to hydrocarbon trading deals inclusive of bunkers
  • Landlords / landowners
  • Government bodies
  • Merchant banks
  • Fuel depots / fuel terminals
  • Third party storage providers
  • Hotels
  • Sole source energy suppliers.
  • Downstream small ships and barges
  • Suppliers based in Venezuela
  • B2C payment acquiring and co-brand partners;
  • Fuel card acceptance partners
  • Convenience Retail Suppliers, excluding Food-to-go Suppliers And Suppliers Delivering Products to Site

Please note if your company provides products/services to other Shell business units or outside of the categories listed above, SQS registration will be required.

Suppliers that are currently registered on FPAL/JQS and want to continue to provide their products/services to Shell business in Europe (UK, The Netherlands, Ireland / Norway, Denmark) are not required to join SQS. Suppliers that want to provide their products / services to Shell business in the regions outside the ones listed above will need to go through the normal registration process in SQS.

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