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What can Shell Sulphur Solutions do for you?

Upstream refining
  • Form new partnerships with major oil and gas resource holders
  • Complete management of sulphur-rich hydrocarbons
  • Expertise in recovering high volumes of sulphur in oil and gas refining
  • Experience of transporting elemental sulphur safely and efficiently
  • Access to Shell's innovative patented technologies
  • Marketing opportunities through Shell's sulphur-enhanced applications
  • Market to targeted industry sectors across the globe, such as Shell Thiogro – Sulphur-enhanced fertilizer technologies, which have the capacity to increase crop yields in sulphur-responsive soils. Discover Shell Thiogro.

Perhaps even more importantly, these functional improvements are combined with environmental benefits over conventional products.

Of course, new market building requires more than scientific leadership and technological innovation.

It demands the ability to commercialise such innovation on a global scale.

Therefore, Shell is actively working with a diverse range of stakeholders crucial to creating the new world of ‘sulphur solutions’.

These stakeholders include the scientific community, progressive manufacturing parties in key industries; forward-looking governments and regulators as well as our own internal community of Shell marketing and sales professionals.

Partnerships with Oil and Gas Resource Holders


To complement the drive for large-scale commercialisation of products, Shell is looking to form new partnerships with major oil and gas resource holders who are facing the challenges and opportunities of developing sulphur-rich reserves.

Shell offers such partners a comprehensive package of benefits including:

  • The development and management of sulphur-rich hydrocarbons, from production and refining to implementation in Shell's forward-looking programmes for long-term and large-scale sulphur applications.
  • Access to Shell's growing range of innovative patented technologies.
  • The operational benefits of actively using innovative new sulphur-enhanced construction products in the development of local infrastructure.
  • The benefit of over 100 years' experience in finding and producing oil and gas.
  • The reputational benefits of participation in the virtuous circle of positive sulphur management.