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If you are dependent on sulphur to operate effectively, then you can rely on Shell Sulphur Solutions for your complete supply and delivery needs.

Sulphur Supply Chain Management

Shell Sulphur Solutions’ rich history of sulphur marketing means we have the ability to meet your end to end needs, from sourcing supply to competitive pricing and quality. For over fifty years we have built a strong legacy in the world of elemental sulphur handling and supply. Our proven track record in this field and attention to detail ensures meeting your sulphur needs is one less thing for you to think about.

Shell Sulphur Solutions is continuing to grow on a global scale with access to more markets and diverse high quality supply sources. The continued focus is on the operational excellence of our supply chain and we are committed to ensuring that we conduct all our business to the highest levels of quality in the industry.

Long-term Customer Focus

Long-term Customer Focus

Long-term Customer Focus

Shell Sulphur Solutions prides itself on developing long-term relationships with customers based on trust and mutual respect. We strive to understand your business needs and aim to tailor our service offerings accordingly.

In meeting our customers’ needs we aim to work in partnership to help you deliver on your promises, providing the product you want, when and where you want it.  We offer flexibility of transport solutions, pricing and contractual mechanisms that suit your business needs.

Furthermore we like to grow and change with you as your business evolves and
expands. We recognise the global sulphur market can be volatile and complex. If long-term stability and security of supply are important to you then we are your preferred partner.

Quality Products and Services - Global Reach, Local Touch

We have sulphur where you need it. The best quality sulphur in the right locations means minimal expensive downtime caused by supply or transport problems. Furthermore, we maintain our local touch by ensuring that you have only one supplier to deal with, one contract and consistent safety standards and process, no matter how many locations or different sulphur forms you need.

Our multi-national team is constantly growing and developing across the globe. Our experienced staff know about sulphur in your region and understand the markets across the world, ensuring our global reach works for you locally.

Crane next to sulphur pile


As pioneers in the development of sulphur processing and handling, Shell Sulphur Solutions has many years of experience in the safe handling, storage and transport of elemental sulphur in all its forms, whether molten or formed.

We have long-standing partnerships with rail, road and marine transport companies which enable us to meet your needs on time, every time.

We can share our expertise with our customers who are interested in the development of sulphur handling infrastructure. Today as we expand, our global supply network continues to grow at a steady pace.


At Shell we know that nothing is more important than safety. We work hard to ensure the safety of our staff, contractors and customers throughout the supply chain.

We know that dealing with sulphur can be hazardous at times, which is why we take care to ensure we produce the best sulphur forms possible, reducing dust and maximising safety.

Yet another reason why doing business with us means your sulphur needs are one less thing to think about.

Read the Shell Sulphur Major Resource Holder brochure

For further information please contact:

Peter Zissos
Global Manager, Sulphur Sales

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