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Your Industry Needs

As the world relies more heavily on hydrocarbons, we anticipate a greater supply of sulphur as a natural co-product of gas processing, oil sands upgrading and fuel clean up.

With Shell's innovative ability to take sulphur from where it is not needed and adding it to where it does add value, the company will be able to unlock sulphur-rich fossil fuels.  By ensuring steady marketable outlets for sulphur we believe we are ensuring Shell’s ability to access challenging hydrocarbons.  This is good news for fuel and sulphur producers and consumers alike.  In short, the strategy means more value-adding outlets for sulphur which means more ability to develop high sulphur fossil fuels.

Upstream Refining

As an asset owner of oil and gas reserves, removing sulphur from sulphur-rich oil and gas is one of the technical and commercial challenges you face

Sulphur Sales

If you are dependent on sulphur to operate effectively, then you can rely on Shell Sulphur Solutions for your complete supply and delivery needs

Shell Thiogro

Patented Shell Thiogro technologies have been developed to help manufacturers make the most of sulphur in their fertilizer formulations.

Storage & Handling

Information on dealing with and transporting sulphur