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News Highlights

A new home for Shell Thiopave R&D

New laboratory opens in the UK
Mike Martin, General Manager of Shell Thiopave

Mike Martin opening the new laboratory at the Shell Technology Centre, Thornton.

Mike Martin, General Manager of Shell Thiopave, was delighted to open a new laboratory at the Shell Technology Centre, Thornton on a visit to the UK in November 2009.  The new laboratory includes a range of equipment to evaluate asphalt performance to US and European standards including Hamburg and European standard wheel tracking devices, a Simple Performance Tester (SPT), the latest Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NU14) and equipment to measure moisture resistance.  This equipment complements the existing resources at Thornton, including the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and will be used primarily to support ongoing Shell Thiopave research and development.

Inside Shell Technology Centre, Thornton.

Working with the Compressive Testing Machine

Mike Martin summed up the role of the Thornton lab as follows, "Although we work with Shell and third party laboratories around the world on the development and application of Shell Thiopave, I think it is very important that the technology has a recognised home.  These new facilities will help David Strickland and his research team to continue to improve the Shell Thiopave technology.  We have seen major strides forward on the research front over the last 18 months, with a significant widening of the operating temperature window, and are looking forward to more successes this year." 

Products in Focus

Shell Thiocrete
Shell Sulphur Solutions technology produces a durable concrete, producing an attractive product with high strength and short setting times
Shell Thiogro
Technology developed by Shell allows fertilizer manufacturers to create improved fertilizers
Shell Thiopave
A sulphur-based asphalt mix offers improved road performance at the same or lower price of conventional asphalt.