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As the world increasingly relies on unconventional energy supplies, Shell Sulphur Solutions is finding new uses for sulphur and making the most of the by-products of alternative energy excavations.

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Sulphur is a valuable natural resource. Shell Sulphur Solutions is committed to finding more uses for sulphur, providing real energy solutions.  Shell's sulphur enhanced products also have significant environmental benefits:

Shell Thiopave offers reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional asphalt because:

  • Asphalt mix containing Shell Thiopave is manufactured and laid at 20 – 40°C lower than conventional hot mix asphalt. This saves energy and reduces the CO2 and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions associated with the hot mix and paving process.
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There are clear indications that concrete products manufactured with Shell Thiocrete have a lower carbon footprint than those manufactured with Portland cement. With lower embodied carbon in concrete production, switching to Shell Thiocrete can therefore help specifiers meet their own environmental targets:

  • Although Shell Thiocrete, together with aggregates, needs to be mixed at 135°C when making sulphur-enhanced concrete, this process uses less energy than conventional cold concrete mixing processes because it avoids the energy needed to heat limestone to 1450°C to manufacture Portland cement.
  • The CO2 released when limestone is heated in the cement production process is avoided.

Shell Thiocrete also offers resource savings and enhanced recyclability compared to traditional concrete:

  • Does not require water, removing the energy and infrastructure costs associated with water supply. This is of particular benefit in locations where fresh water is scarce and desalination is necessary.
  • Initial tests show products can be recycled by simply reheating and remoulding with no significant loss of performance.
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Shell Thiogro offers:

  • Potential to increase global food supplies through increased crop
    yield and quality
  • Greenhouse gas benefits via enhanced plant growth


Shell Sulphur Solutions invests in Research & Development programmes that will extend the sulphur cycle.