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As one of the world’s leading energy companies we have established a dedicated business to manage the complete value chain of sulphur from upstream refining to marketing.

We provide sulphur to industries such as mining and textiles and to the development of new products that can incorporate sulphur, for example sulphur in fertilizers.

Shell Sulphur Solutions is dedicated to delivering world-class marketing and developing valuable applications for sulphur, a natural co-product of oil and gas processing.  We are establishing sulphur as a positive asset contributing to a better world, by taking sulphur out from where it does not value, and adding it to where it does.

Business to Business

Given our global presence, we have established a global reach and diversified supplies, strengthened further by our strong marketing capabilities. We are also always pushing the envelope, searching for innovations, products and processes that support your business needs to find environmentally acceptable product and solution alternatives.