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CDM Flow Chart

CDM Flow Chart

A CDM/JI project might include hydro power, rural electrification using solar panels, wind farms, installation of more energy-efficient boilers, biomass energy, electricity plants, methane avoidance landfill gas and the most active host countries are China, India, Brazil and Mexico, which host more than 70% of projects.

Our CDM project teams in London, Dubai, Tokyo and Beijing provide a full process management service to help project developers take the project from inception to final certification and issuance of CERs by the CDM Executive Board.

Primary benefits to customer:

  • Reputable and creditworthy buyer with a long term commitment. We can provide the project with the assurance to monetise reductions from CDM/JI projects, which can help developers obtain project financing. 
  • Shell’s experience and expertise in CDM/JI project development and carbon market legal frameworks can help improve the chances of the project getting approved. 
  • Access to compliance markets across the world.  
  • Ability to commercialise in innovative ways to meet developer objectives. For example we can fix the price to reduce developer risk or provide a floating price to allow the developer to retain an ‘upside’ to possible future price increases.

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