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Shell Trading supports the Shell businesses, in particular Oil Products, Gas and Power and Chemicals, by trading natural gas, electrical power, crude oil, refined products, biofuels, chemical feedstocks, environmental products and freight. We also manage one of the world's largest fleets of LNG carriers and oil tankers and provide maritime expertise to Shell companies and external customers.

A Shell trader

Our best resource is the people that work here.

Our global trading network gives us a 24-hour market presence. We are active in most crude oil markets, sourcing from a wide range of suppliers and selling to a wide range of customers both within and outside Shell. The same global coverage applies to refined products and feedstocks, natural gas and power. Our 50 years experience in the natural gas industry makes us one of the world’s most experienced players: our supply portfolio includes access to significant volumes of equity LNG and gas-to-liquids products.

The Shell Trading network

Shell Trading companies operate around the world, with the main trading and marketing locations comprising Houston, London, Dubai, Rotterdam and Singapore. Shell Energy Europe manages Shell’s European gas and power marketing and trading business and CO2 trading globally. Shell Energy North America (US and Canada) markets Shell’s North American natural gas production, which benefits from access to power generation and gas storage assets.

Our aim is to create value for Shell’s shareholders, customers and counterparties across the globe by forging successful partnerships that generate mutually beneficial commercial opportunities.

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Communications Recording and Monitoring

Shell Trading records and monitors communications (including communications by telephone, mobile phones, IM, e-mail and other media) for legal, regulatory and/or business purposes, where it is legally permissible to do so. In those countries or states where it is required by law to notify parties that calls are recorded an audible signal or other form of notice will be used to indicate that a telephone conversation is being recorded.

Personal data collected during recordings will be controlled by Shell Energy North America (US) LP on behalf of all Shell Trading entities within North America and by Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd for other Shell Trading entities. Personal data is handled and protected in accordance with applicable Data Protection laws and relevant Shell policies and rules. Personal data may be disclosed to other Shell companies and to third party organisations providing services to the relevant Shell company or as required by law.

All enquiries regarding this notice can be directed to TRSTASCOComplianceMonitoring@Shell.com

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Climate change is such a serious global threat that big changes in the energy system are required. New government policies are critical to achieving these changes. We have stepped up our advocacy efforts, calling for governments to introduce effective measures to reduce CO2 emissions.
Careers in Trading and Shipping
For career opportunities in Shell's Trading and Shipping offices, please visit the global careers site.For shipping fleet careers, please visit our Shell Shipping Careers section.
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Shipping has played a key role in Shell’s oil and gas business from the very beginning, and to this day remains a truly integral part of the Shell Group’s value chain, and of the Shell Trading business.
Shell Trading in North America
Shell Trading US conducts a substantial trading-for-profit business, which includes the buying and selling of crude oil, finished products and feedstocks, as well as trading oil futures.Shell Energy is among the largest wholesale energy marketers and traders in North America and provides a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and services.