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Health, safety, security and environment are of paramount importance – not only to ensure we don’t injure anyone or do any damage while oil and gas is kept moving, but also to retain Shell’s licence to operate and underpin our reputation as a responsible company committed to sustainable development of the world’s resources. Working with industry bodies, our business partners, governments and neighbouring communities, we are engaged in a constant improvement effort.

Inspecting the main engine gearbox’s gears onboard the 137,000 cubic metre LNG carrier Sokoto.

Inspecting the main engine gearbox’s gears onboard a large LNG carrier.

Carbon management is essential to counter the climate change implications of the world’s increasing energy use. While shipping in general contributes only a small proportion of the global emissions total, there is still a contribution this sector can make to improving the global outlook. We support developments to achieve more accurate measurement of shipping emissions, and look for ways to reduce our own operational impact through energy efficiency, equipment specification, and more.

Find out more about how we're reponding to climate change.

Security can be difficult to maintain in today’s geopolitical and commercial climate. In Shipping we collaborate with private and public bodies across the spectrum in order to develop and deploy robust systems for security management.

Comprehensive hazard analysis and a holistic view lie at the heart of our approach to anticipating andmanaging any challenging situation – whether it is preparing the ground for a new project, overseeing day-to-day operations, or dealing with an oil spill or an act of piracy.


Our approach to Security...

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