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Shell scoops a record second Lloyds List Innovation Award

At the prestigious Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2013, Shell won the innovation award for the world’s first 100% LNG-powered barge.

For the second consecutive year, Shell has walked away with the Lloyd’s List Global Technological Innovation Award, this time for Greenstream - the world’s first  barge to be fully powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). At a high-profile ceremony in London attended by leading figures in the shipping industry, Shell was recognised for “high technology and leadership of a new era in shipping”.

The judges were “seriously impressed by the focused application of technology to a specific problem” and were won over by “the potential of the design to revolutionise barging by reducing emissions and noise levels in built-up areas.”

Shell is chartering Greenstream, which is operated by Interstream Barging and was built by Peters Shipyards. The barge is now in service on the River Rhine, demonstrating for the first time that LNG-powered barges are technically and commercially viable.

Greenstream has four small efficient engines, instead of one large one. The engines can be individually cut when less power is needed, saving fuel. These engines operate at lower frequency than those on traditional barges which reduces vibration and noise. This is an important benefit when barges sail close to towns and villages.

The new design includes a bridge and wheelhouse at the front. This helps better distribute the barge’s weight in the water and allows it to move more efficiently.

VP Shipping & Maritime Grahaeme Henderson accepted the award on behalf of Shell at the ceremony, saying: “LNG is a future fuel for ships and barges worldwide which many said would never happen. What we have achieved here is a first for Shell and for the inland maritime industry and I’m pleased that our efforts have been recognised by the industry today.”

“Let’s continue to innovate and challenge each other on how we can take shipping and barging to a new level of maritime performance,” he said.

Greenstream was officially launched in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on March 18, 2013.  

Lloyd's award ceremony

(left to right) Liz McCarthy, Lloyd's List Intelligence, Grahaeme Henderson, with the Reverend Richard Coles who acted as compere for the event

Greenstream has also been shortlisted for the Royal Dutch Association of Professionals in Shipping Technology (KNVTS) annual Ship of the Year Award to be announced later this month. KNTVS aims to stimulate development of maritime technology and engineering and innovation in marine technical education and has hosted the prestigious event for the last 16 years.

Greenstream vessel

Greenstream is now in service on the River Rhine and has ushered in a new era of commercially viable LNG-powered vessels

Second time around for Shell

Exactly a year ago, Shell won the same Lloyd’s List Innovation Award for the revolutionary Prelude FLNG (FLNG) technology. The Greenrhine, Shell’s second 100% LNG-powered tank barge set sail on its maiden voyage following a naming ceremony in Rotterdam last month.