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The Challenge

A Shell A-Class tanker in heavy seas

Heavy weather is just one of the many challenges Shell Shipping face in delivering vital resources to meet the growing global demand for energy

The shipping of oil liquids and natural gases is vital to maintaining energy security, particularly in regions where indigenous resources cannot keep up with demand for power and mobility. Equally, oil and natural gas exporting countries depend heavily on shipping to honour their contracts with importers.

Many companies – including Shell – are investing to develop alternative and renewable sources of energy. But oil and gas will remain very important in the energy mix to 2050 and beyond. During that time, about three billion more consumers will be added to the world’s population.

And living standards in fast-growing, highly populous economies such as China and India are expected to see dramatic change. The global economy and global energy consumption will undoubtedly continue to fluctuate, but the underlying trend in energy use will still be up – and so will demand for shipping.

Meeting that Challenge head on

The Shell Shipping organisation is based in London, with specialist centres in Houston, The Hague, Singapore, Perth and Tokyo - networked to maritime professionals across the globe. Offering high level expertise and decades of experience, we provide group businesses and operations with an unmatched and vital resource.

Arctic shipping

Our connectivity with different customer groups in Shell focuses on the aspects of their business where we can add most value.

Shell Shipping’s work supports many of Shell’s success stories: For example, in liquefied natural gas (LNG), and in marine elements of floating production and storage systems. Shell Shipping enables the Trading organisation to deliver safely on its contracts.

We safeguard Shell’s standards and reputation regarding maritime safety, environment, vessel quality assurance, oil spill preparedness, port and berth assessments, and emergency management.

We carry out audits as a governance assurance process for all group businesses with exposure to maritime activities and shipping.

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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Shell today confirmed its plans to build a specialised LNG bunker vessel to deliver to LNG-fuelled vessels in northwest Europe.

Shell to charter first barges powered solely by LNG
5th September 2012 - Shell, announced it has signed a contract for the charter of two new build LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) powered tank barges. These 110 m long barges will operate on the Rhine and will be on charter to Shell from 2013.
Day of the Seafarer
June 25 was the International Maritime Organisation Day of the Seafarer. Shell Shipping is the largest LNG ship operator and the largest charterer of ships and barges. We employ 1,200 officers and a further 2,000 seafarers are deployed on our fleet. We offer our thanks to seafarers worldwide.
Our History
Shipping has been an integrale part of Royal Dutch Shell for over 100 years.