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Wear Protection

By providing excellent valve seat protection and Shell Mysella can thereby help to extend cylinder-head overhaul intervals. It also offers good combustion-chamber deposit control, as it produces low levels of ash of a favourable composition. It helps to keep ring grooves clean, which contributes to longer component life, and can be used in installations equipped with an exhaust gas catalyst.

Oil Life

Shell Mysella S3 N is designed to have good oil life characteristics in high-speed four-stroke engines. In medium-speed four-stroke engines, its oil-drain interval can exceed 10,000 running hours.

System Efficiency

Designed for excellent deposit control, Shell Mysella helps to prevent knocking and can unlock high levels of engine efficiency and availability.

Long ring and liner life

Shell figure

Shell Mysella S3 N demonstrated excellent ring groove cleanliness (top) and left the cylinder liner in an excellent condition (bottom) in a Wärtsilä 20V34SG engine after 16,000 hours of operation without an oil change.


Product Table
Product Description Viscosity,
mm2/s AT
number mg/KOH/g
kg/m3 at
    40°C | 100°C        
Shell Mysella S3 N 40 High-performance engine oil for four-stroke spark-ignition gas engines requiring a low ash oil to meet the latest emission requirements
135 | 13.5 5 230 -18 918

Optimise Your Operations with Technical Services

  • Lubricant advice can help you to select the right lubricant grade to deal with the specific level of oil stress in your engine.
  • Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis is an oil condition monitoring service that helps your vessels to run smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.