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Over 3,400 vessels loaded with Shell Alexia S4

Over 18,000,000 hours of operation in customers’ engines

50% extension in Wartsila RT flex 96C cylinder overhaul interval

Shell Alexia S4 – a wide range oil with proven performance

The marine industry continues to face major challenges in a tough market environment that is undergoing significant change. At Shell, we understand the challenges our industry faces and constantly innovate to develop solutions to help our customers weather these uncertain times.

One solution is Shell Alexia S4: a wide-range cylinder oil designed to help simplify operations on board and reduce costs through decreased feed rates and increased wear protection.

Over 3,400 vessels have loaded with Shell Alexia S4 and over 18,000,000 operating hours have been clocked in our customers’ engines, a number that is continually increasing. What is more, our customers continue to report positive results.

A Note On Terminology

There has been some confusion about the concepts of mid range and wide range products, Shell Alexia S4 has a BN of 60, but is a wide performance range product.

For many years, BN has been a simple and convenient way of matching lubricating oil to fuel sulphur levels.

However, in marine engines under certain engine conditions, corrosion can occur, even with a 0.3% sulphur distillate fuel and a 70BN cylinder oil#. It is clear that the BN-sulphur relationship is not simple.

That is why we went back to basics and considered all the stress factors. The result is Shell Alexia S4, a cylinder lubricant proven to perform under a wide range of operating conditions.



Do you have questions on Shell Alexia S4?

We would love to hear from you! Should you have any enquiries in regards to Shell Alexia S4, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

# Subject to OEM advice.