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Rely on Shell Alexia

Shell Alexia


The marine industry is changing rapidly. In just 16 years, the drive to reduce fuel costs and improve environmental performance has seen maximum container-ship capacity increase from about 7,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) to 18,000 TEU.

These new vessels are powered, at slow steaming speeds, by super-long-stroke engines that present a new set of cylinder oil challenges, including cold corrosion.

At the same time, tough environmentally driven legislation is increasing operational complexity.

Anticipating these challenges has led to the development of three Shell Alexia cylinder oils, which are designed to meet your changing needs. These oils are underpinned by a rigorous scientific understanding of oil stress and their proven performance in engines.

  • Shell Alexia S3 - How are your engines meeting the 0.1% fuel sulphur limit for Emission Control Areas introduced in January 2015 ? Cylinder lubricants designed for use with high-sulphur fuels may not provide you with the right level of protection when used with distillates. Find out more about Shell Alexia S3.

  • Shell Alexia S5 and Shell Alexia S6 cylinder oils use advanced Triple-Action Technology to help protect the latest new and modified high-performance engines against cold corrosion

Shell's Advanced Triple-Action Technology

Shell Alexia S5 (BN 80) and Shell Alexia S6 (BN 100) have the Advanced Triple-Action Technology that helps in

  • Acid Blocking
  • Acid Neutralization
  • Smart detergency