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It has recently been brought to our attention that some parties have been fraudulently requesting personal information, company financial information or money transfer arrangements under the guise of representing Shell. We would like to warn you of such practices.

We wish to clarify that these communications are not from Shell and are not supported nor approved by Shell. These are clearly fraudulent and Shell’s name and identity is being misrepresented in these communications.

Please do not provide any personal details or act on these requests. If you have already done so, please consider reporting the incident to the police for immediate action. 

Some potential signs of fraudulent practices

  • These communications come from a non-Shell e-mail address (e.g shelllottery@yahoo.com).
  • The use of English is poor or inappropriate.
  • Some form of money transfer is requested.

We do not send e-mails or make phone calls to request financial information or arrangements. Our practice is to request sensitive information via written communication from an official Shell address and supported by Account Managers or International Customers Service Agents whom you are familiar with.

Should you have any concerns or suspicions regarding any communications, please contact your Shell Marine account manager or our International Customer Service Centre.  

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.