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REACH requires an understanding of how chemical substances are used, specifically, how they are handled throughout their life cycle from manufacture to disposal.

For substances we have registered in 2010 (for example our base oils, process oils) we have been actively working with CONCAWE (the Oil Companies’ European Association for Environment, Health and Safety in Refining and Distribution) who have collated information on product uses for the development of exposure scenarios for use in the Chemical Safety Assessments

For a detailed list of the uses covered by our 2010 registrations – please take the following steps:

1. Please use the search tool provided below to find CONCAWE grouping and sub-grouping for the Shell Lubricants product you buy (Select product and click 'Filter List').

2. The relevant CONCAWE grouping and sub-grouping will be indicated.

3. Consult the CONCAWE “Identified Uses of Petroleum Substances” mapping table available below, and look for the relevant Group/sub-group in the table header to see GES (Generic Exposure Scenarios) and associated uses covered by our registration.

Download the Identified Uses of Petroleum Substances