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What our customers need to do

Please follow the steps 1-4 to determine whether your use(s) of Shell Lubricants products is suitably covered under our REACH activities:

1.  Where relevant we have mapped the primary application of Shell Lubricants products in our European portfolio to the relevant ATIEL Family and ATIEL/ATC Lubricants Use Group.  For our Base Oils/Process Oils we have also provided a summary of our identified uses. 

Download the Base Oils/Process oils - Identified Uses Table.

2.  For our cleaners, coolant/antifreeze and de-icing products we have summarized identified uses in the following table.

Download the Cleaners_de-icing_coolants - Identified Uses.

3.  Please use the search tool provided below to identify this information for the Shell Lubricants products you buy (Select product and click 'Filter List').


The text used in the ATIEL/ATC Lubricants Use Group titles should help you to recognise your application.

ATIEL/ATC Lubricants Used Group and Title
ATIEL / ATC Lubricants Used Group and Title
B General (Industrial/Professional/Consumer) use of lubricants and greases in vehicles or machinery.  Includes filling and draining of containers and enclosed machinery (including engines). 
C (Industrial/Professional/Consumer) application of lubricants to work pieces or equipment by dipping, brushing or spraying (without exposure to heat), e.g. mould releases, corrosion protection, slideways.
D (Industrial) use of lubricants in open high temperature processes, e.g. quenching fluids, glass release agents.
E (Industrial) handling and dilution of metalworking fluid concentrates.
F (Industrial/Professional) use of lubricants in high energy processes, e.g. in high speed machinery such as metal rolling / forming or metalworking fluids for machining grinding.

If your use of our product is as per its identified application you may feel confident that the appropriate registration(s) will take place as long as safe use can be demonstrated.  If this is the case, then you need take no further action.

4.   However, if you wish to refer to the details included in each ATIEL/ATC Lubricant Use Groups (B to F), please refer to the document below (ATIEL-ATC Lubricant DUCC Table) in which we have collated all of the Use Descriptor information for each Exposure Scenario Title i.e. a description of activities covered together with a listing of the specific Use Descriptor codes (i.e. Sector of Use (SU), Process Category (PROC), Product Category (PC) and Environmental Release Category (ERC)).

Download the ATIEL-ATC Lubricant DUCC Table (PDF, 73 KB)

Again, if your lubricant application is covered by the relevant ATIEL/ATC Lubricant Use Group and associated Use Descriptor information - there is no need to take further action since it is expected that your use will be covered by the upstream suppliers in their registration dossier.

5.   However, if you consider your use as non-standard for the product – we encourage you to review the ATIEL-ATC Lubricant DUCC Table to identify an appropriate Use Group and advise us of the product name and relevant ATIEL/ATC Lubricant Use Groupings using the online feedback form.

Please do NOT provide confidential information on the commercial application of the product or any other commercially sensitive information.