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Base Oils and Process Oils:

We can confirm that the following product families have been registered under REACH according to 2010 deadline: 







Slack Wax









Finished Lubricants

In addition to manufacture, Shell lubricants companies blend finished lubricants (i.e. preparations) for which we also procure many substances. The REACH regulation does not require the pre-registration of preparations. However, all component substances must be pre-registered.

As Shell Lubricants products are typically complex mixtures comprising substances with different registration deadlines it is not possible to provide a definitive registration date for most products because of the complexity of the supply chain. 

We can, however, confirm that there are currently no plans to reformulate or discontinue any products as a result of any REACH requirements and furthermore we do not anticipate this situation changing in the foreseeable future. 

If there are changes in our supply plans as a result of REACH and impacting the products you purchase, you have our assurance that we will inform you at the earliest possible opportunity and work with you to minimize the impact of our decision.  

We continue to request assurances from our EU suppliers of purchased components that they remain on schedule to meet the required deadline.  At this time, we have no indication that any substances procured by Shell Lubricants companies will not be available beyond 1st December 2010 and accordingly, we do not expect that the products you purchase will be withdrawn for REACH purposes.

More information on our products can be found at the Shell Lubricants website

If you have any questions about (pre-) registration, please address them to your usual Shell Lubricants representative or contact us.

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Important Note: these expected registrations DO NOT cover the following:

The manufacture of these products by Shell outside the EU

The importation of these products into Europe by non-Shell companies.