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The Shell range

Shell Mysella brochure (PDF, 255 KB) - opens in new window

The Shell Mysella rage of comprises a full range of products for use in stationary power engines using natural or sour gases as fuel. See the range by viewing the brochure.

Shell Mysella S5 S (PDF, 184 KB) - opens in new window

The latest low-ash oil specially designed for engines fuelled by sour gases such as biogas or sewage gas, to offer extended oil-drain intervals and improved protection.

Shell Mysella S5 N (PDF, 225 KB) - opens in new window

Enhance your gas engine efficiency with this premium, long-drain-interval oil designed to provide superior deposit control, even in engines with very high piston temperatures.

Shell Mysella S3 S (PDF, 183 KB) - opens in new window

Our medium ash oil to help you operate your equipment for longer without interruption in both natural- and sour-gas applications.

Shell Mysella S3 N (PDF, 212 KB) - opens in new window

A well-established, low ash gas-engine oil approved by a wide range of engine manufacturers and extensively used in all types of four-stroke engines burning natural and sour gas.

Shell Mysella S3 Z (PDF, 200 KB) - opens in new window

Our primary recommendation for operations with mixed fleets of two- and four-stroke engines that are fuelled by natural gas or low-pressure natural gas.

Shell Mysella S2 Z (PDF, 191 KB) - opens in new window

A well-established, ash-free natural-gas-engine oil from Shell, suitable for a wide range of two-stroke engines and gas compression applications.